What Our Clients Say


Read what our clients are saying about Acuity's team of people who provide our front of house services.

Lina Rodrigues_edited.jpg

Lina Rodrigues

A barristers chambers in Temple
“Lina came into a new reception function, a new business area, a tricky staff situation and took up her first team leader role on joining chambers. She has risen to the challenge, visibly growing in confidence, adapting and sharing her experience and leading by example to establish a professional, welcoming reception backed by high service standards and attention to detail.
Lina personifies the calm, courteous, welcoming face of our chambers, but has also become a valued member of the wider team, appreciated for her professionalism, practical approach and a shrewd sense of humour. She has earned the respect of a demanding workplace, which is an achievement in itself."
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Elena Menegazzo

2 London Wall Place
“Elena joined 2 London Wall Place on December 2018. Since then, I have seen her confidence grow. She is a passionate and enthusiastic person who conducts her duties and extra projects with the utmost professionalism."

Scott Brown

QIC Global
"Scott has been polite, efficient, courteous and extremely dedicated while always being prepared to go the extra mile. We have had a great deal of positive feedback on how helpful and business-like he has been. He fitted in with the team here extremely well and I am sure he will add value at all the other sites he works at for Acuity. I thank him for his contribution."
Charley Jai.jpg

Charlie Jai

88 Leadenhall
“Since Charley has been with us, she has consistently impressed us with both her professionalism in her role as Head of Front of House and with her ideas for enhancing the visitor experience at 88 Leadenhall St. She has taken the initiative to arrange numerous events which the occupiers have enjoyed whilst raising a significant amount of money for our chosen charity.
With her enthusiasm and outgoing personality, Charley is always able to bring a smile to the faces of the occupiers, visitors and the site team. She is a pleasure to work with and we are very proud of her."
Sophie Deboise.small.jpg

Sophie Deboise 

Client at The Crown Office Chambers
“We found her focused, effective and calmly competent. She needed very little guidance and showed good judgement and common sense in getting help or clarification.   She was also a pleasure to have in the office.”
ViktoR Szabo_edited.png

Viktor Szabo

Client: Banco de Sabadell
“Viktor has taken over the day-to-day management of the reception staff and has devoted a lot of time to the training of other Acuity staff. He goes the extra mile in supporting and assisting visiting contractors which is very much appreciated at all levels and has helped them carry out their tasks to everyone’s satisfaction."

Diego Cabrero

Client: 2 London Wall
"Diego was always punctual, and no job was ever to big or small. 110% effort is put into everything he does.
Our building manager was also equally impressed with Diego's professionalism and enthusiasm to work.
He is a credit to the select team and Acuity and I wish him all the best for his career within the company.”

Lucia Bukova

Client: CBRE
"Lucia has always been very helpful and gone beyond the call of duty in ensuring that the occupiers or visitors are welcomed efficiently and professionally. I have always been most impressed by her skills and willingness to go above and beyond.
She is a credit to your organisation and is flying the CBRE management flag.” 
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Matthew Toro

Client: Trophaeum Assets
"Matthew you left me speechless! You definitely went above and beyond and this is extremely appreciated by us, and I am sure most of all, by the tenants."

Marco Capuano

Client: 35 Berkeley Square
"Marco has been fantastic whilst he has worked at Berkeley Square, he is extremely reliable and always goes above and beyond in his day-to-day role."
blonde Woman receptionist.5.jpg

Bianca Fore

Client: BNP Paribas Real Estates
“It has been great pleasure to have Bianca on site, she always delivers the highest standards with every task she takes on and she is always ready to assist and take new projects on board.”
Client: 88 Leadenhall
"Since Bianca joined 88 Leadenhall Street, she has made a really big impression with both the Property Management Team and the occupiers. Always friendly and welcoming, she combines this with hard work and a real dedication in performing her duties."
Client: 95 Gresham Street
Jean Quintero De Jesus_edited.png
"Jean is a great credit to Acuity. I get nothing but positive feedback from the tenants as she is always happy to help. She not only conducts her basic duties to an excellent standard but is also willing to provide that extra help and assistance with the running of the site."
Client: Make
"Gyongyi has been a little angel, from her thorough organisation to her lovely pleasant smile, we feel we have been very fortunate to have her here as part of the Acuity Select Team. She gives us a reliable sense of security and we can be assured with her regular, clear and precise communication that everything is always in hand."
Client: Antares
Simona Luca.JPG
"Simona is extremely polite, efficient and business like and goes the extra mile to ensure that our staff and our visitors are well looked after.
Simona has recently taken on more responsibility which she has coped very well with, contributes ideas which are very welcome and is a key member of the Acuity team but also the Antares team."
Client: Daiwa
Daniela Bertuzzi_edited_edited.png
"Daniela has been permanently assigned to this site for just over 2 months and handled the responsibility of being responsible for the service very well when the team leader was on annual leave.
Since the arrival of receptionists from Acuity, the service levels have continuously improved. So much so, that we have received number of compliments from both our employees and visitors."
Client: ABRSM
Alexander W Bowes-Lawler_edited.png
"Alex has transformed our reception service. His level of commitment and enthusiasm is second to
Client: 2 London Wall
male receptionist 2.jpg
"It feels that Acuity genuinely care about finding me quality temporary cover staff with the right attitude and level of experience and broadly they achieve this, also ensuring that the staff provided are able to pick up site-specific tasks quickly, meaning they are able to hit the ground running. I even recruited my current Property Administrator after she’d worked as temporary cover on my reception from Acuity!"
Client: 88 Leadenhall
blonde Woman receptionist.3.jpg
"Since Sharmin has been here she has shown great dedication and enthusiasm and is always looking for ways in which she can help. She is very receptive to taking on new ideas and has shown she can also contribute in a positive way as regards the running of the front of house services. She has a very warm and friendly disposition which has made her extremely popular with both the occupiers and other members of the site team. We have had some great feedback from the occupiers which is not something that happens very often."
Client: Banco De Sabadell
Woman receptionist.jpg
"Vanessa has been working as part of the Acuity Select Team since June 2018 and has shown a great dedication to the sites she’s covered so far."
Client: 99 Bishopsgate
"Vanessa covered 99 Bishopsgate for an entire week and she was very professional, always punctual, she possessed great customer skills and what impressed me the most was the fact that she covered the Reception Manager role on one of the days I was sick. She experienced many technical difficulties that day, but she pulled through all of them with ease and completed all the tasks like nothing happened."
Client: The Crown Office Chambers
“We found her focused, effective and calmly competent. She needed very little guidance and showed good judgement and common sense in getting help or clarification.   She was also a pleasure to have in the office.”
Client: Earl Place
male receptionist.jpg
"It is a pleasure to have Max working on our reception at Earl Place, he has gone way above expectations within the first few days working here. He created training guides and supplier lists, cleared the reception desk and the computer desktop to show only relevant documents, and put forward many new ideas to improve the reception and service given. He took it upon himself to sort out issues with the IT on reception, saving us time and money and making our security officer extremely happy!
Myself, the site team and our occupiers think he is a great asset to the building and to Acuity."