Wellness at work

In our continuous efforts to help our staff achieve work/life balance, including offering financial wellbeing advice, personal development plans/health objectives we have organised a workshop with Personal Impact Specialist Jodi Goldman.

This bespoke workshop, was designed to give delegates the tools, techniques and strategies they need in order to take ownership of their overall wellness and personal impact, not just at work, but in life.

Outline for the workshop includes:

- Wheel of life: understanding work-life balance and how this affects our overall wellness.

- Mind: tools for avoiding stress, staying positive and building confidence.

- Nutrition: strategies to eat the right things, at the right times in order to keep energy and moods balanced throughout the day.

- Body: techniques to avoid back and neck pain and to create more energy.

- Goals: using goals to maintain new habits, build positivity and be more effective.

What our employees had to say:

The wellbeing course was such a pleasure to attend. Jodi had such impactful idea's and tips that we could use, not only in our work environment but in our personal life too. The Wheel Of Life has to be my favorite part of this 5 star course,Thank you for the invite Chiara, this is a great workshop for all.’ Tyler

'What a fantastic day. I left with so many ideas and tips of how to better my work and personal life. An uplifting, empowering and interesting training course'. Ellie

Thank you very much for organizing such a beautiful and useful training, it was a pleasure to be part of it and Jodi is absolutely amazing in entertaining the class and sharing such precious life & work tips :). I look forward to the next one!’ Elena

The training was fantastic and I feel very lucky to have been selected to take part.’ Ellie

‘Thank you for a great day of training - really love Jodi's insight into wellbeing in the workplace and also the skills that we can take forward into everyday life. Really useful for the business and each individual.’ Lauren

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