Proud to announce our November Employee!

I am delighted to announce that Nicolo Casiraghi is Acuity’s employee of the month for November 2017.

Nicolo joined the Acuity family in April this year as a Select Corporate Receptionist. Since joining the team, Nicolo has taken ownership of many projects and with his outstanding customer service skills, has made a great impression on many clients and team members. His willingness to work hard, learn new skills and support his line manager when needed is also appreciated by all. Nicolo has recently been promoted to a Corporate Receptionist and will soon be working alongside Cristina, our Reception Manager at 99 Bishopsgate.

We had many fantastic feedback from different clients over the past 8 months: from the clients at Devonshire House to the Crown Office Chambers, from the occupiers 28 St Georges to the team at DAIWA and the list continues. This is an amazing achievement as a Select Corporate Receptionist Nicolo was consistently able to impress both clients and team members. Many clients complimented the level of ownership taken by Nicolo on site, his polite manners and his ability to deliver outstanding service.

Please see below also the feedback from Michael and Marta.

Michael Kuczynski: ‘Nicolo is a very positive team member who is always willing to help and provide support when needed. From the interview stage until now Nicolo has made an excellent impression not only to the Acuity Management team and occupiers, but also to his colleagues on site. Well done!

Marta Bannister:Nicolo covered the Devonshire House in October until Paige joined the team. He made a very good impression on the client and supported Maria, making a really great impression on the guests and tenants. Nicolo was proactive at helping Maria with implementing new processes in reception, clearing reception drawers and he also had a great input in updating parts of the Site Manual for Devonshire House. I was really impressed by Nicolo’s positive attitude, great care for the clients and a very hands on approach to everything. He is very quick to learn and very approachable and friendly. He was a fantastic ambassador for Acuity at Devonshire House, ensuring that every customer received the best service.'

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