Our two Employees of the Month in February are......

I am delighted to announce that Bianca Fiore and Diego Cabrero are Acuity’s employees of the month for February.

Diego Cabrero

Diego joined Acuity in December 2017 and immediately impressed us with his positive attitude and great flexibility. Diego covered a variety of sites within the Acuity portfolio and everywhere he worked, he left a really positive impression. Many people have commented on how fantastic Diego is on his service standards, his professionalism and reliability.

Diego’s positive energy is contagious and many clients and team members have told us how great it is to work with him.

The client at Brookfield, has recently commented:

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on the cover we have at 99 this week, we love him!

He is extremely friendly, happy and is really rather pleasant, I have also witnessed him standing to greet visitors at the reception, which looked all rather professional.

We would love to have him back to cover.

Feedback from Reception Manager at 2 London Wall, Tyler Chambers:

I wanted to take this time to highlight Diego and what an amazing support he has been.

I recently started a new role as team leader at 2LWP and had Diego on site as select for roughly a month's time and honestly couldn't have asked for a better team member to support me during this new and exciting period.

Diego assisted me with setting up new procedures and creating a Select cheat sheet with everything a select needs to fulfill the role to best of their abilities. He gave me new ideas to make the cheat sheet stand out and really be an assistance to selects once they arrive.

Diego was always punctual, and no job was ever to big or small. 110% effort is put into everything he does.

Our building manager was also equally impressed with Diego's professionalism and enthusiasm to work.

He is a credit to the select team and Acuity and I wish him all the best for his career within the company.”

Feedback from Reception Manager at 99 Bishopsgate, Cristina Panayotov:

- very punctual

- well groomed

- correct and clean uniform

- very pleasant and easy to communicate with

- very polite

- fast learner

Overall, he made a very good impression

Feedback from Account Manager, Marta Bannister:

“Diego is an extremely professional and friendly team member with a very solution focused approach to every situation. Whenever I had a chance to interact with him, he always impressed me with his positivity and readiness to help. I received a lot of positive feedback from all of the team members within my portfolio, who trained Diego at their sites, as well as positive feedback from the clients. Recently I have been looking after the absence and lateness calls, as well as the Select Rota and had to make a lot of last minute changes to Diego’s schedule. He was super supportive and flexible and really helped me through the past couple of weeks.”

Please join me in congratulating Diego on his amazing achievements.

The Select Team members are the backbone of our business and their professionalism, positive energy and flexibility influence how our client perceive Acuity. Well done Diego for receiving so much great feedback and for impressing our clients. Keep up the great work!

Bianca Fiore

Bianca joined 88 Leadenhall Street in September last year. Her passion and dedication shaped the customer journey on site.

Please find below what her managers say about her.

Steven Wadsworth, BNP Paribas Senior Facilities Manager:

Since Bianca joined 88 Leadenhall Street, she has made a really big impression with both the Property Management Team and the occupiers. Always friendly and welcoming, she combines this with hard work and a real dedication in performing her duties. She is always coming up with little ideas that are often both funny and serve a useful purpose. For example, a number of the occupiers continually forget their ID cards and so have to get a temporary day pass. Bianca came up with an idea where the worst performers were rewarded with a sweet if they remembered their cards for 5 consecutive days. A simple idea that was both fun and also had the effect of reducing the occurrence of staff forgetting their cards.

In addition to her great relationship with the occupiers, Bianca has been a great help and support to both Kate and me. Always willing to help with whatever is needed.

She has a wonderful disposition and brings a smile to whoever she is dealing with (including me).

Kate Matyas, BNP Paribas Assistant Facilities Manager:

It has been great pleasure to have Bianca on site, she always delivers the highest standards with every task she takes and she is always ready to assist and take new projects on board.”

Arik Benichou Senior Account Manager:

Bianca loves working at 88 Leadenhall Street and considers the site as her home from home. Bianca managed to achieve 100% on the mystery audit on site, a remarkable result.

She also took additional responsibilities on board supporting her building manager by assisting with the cleaning contract management on site. It is a privilege to work with such a committed and enthusiastic team member.''

Please join us in congratulating Bianca for her outstanding performance at 88 Leadenhall Street. She is a fantastic ambassador for Acuity and for BNP Paribas!

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