Our May Employees of the Month announced!

Congratulations to Emma Hawkes and Silvia Puglielli, our fabulous receptionists!


Emma joined the Acuity family in October last year; Acuity was Emma’s first Reception job and in just under three months Emma was already a shining star amongst the sites she covered. Since then Emma has only received excellent feedback from external and internal clients.

Emma embraced the Acuity standards and became a great ambassador to our company.

Thanks to the excellent service she provided whilst covering as a Select, Emma was offered a position with one of our most demanding clients.

The client at The Crown Office Chambers is incredibly happy with Emma’s performance, especially because she took her own initiative to implement a number of new procedures, making the Reception services at the Crown Office Chamber much more efficient and effective.

Please see below some of the testimonials:

Nick Hamilton, Clerk at The Crown Office Chambers:

It is a pleasure to work with Emma, she is great and everyone in the office loves her! Emma is very proactive and a quick thinker, especially during really busy periods. We are very lucky to have Emma on site.”

Michele Couri, Acuity Account Manager:

It is an absolute pleasure to have Emma in my team, Emma has demonstrated an enormous will to perform well and to succeed within the company. Emma is great at taking feedback in and really listens to what we have to say, putting to practice any points that will help her improve her performance.

We have just finished a very long recruitment process and without Emma’s help this would not have been possible. During the recruitment period at The Crown Office Chambers Emma also ensured the client received the best service possible by implementing new communication standards between the team and the client.

Every time I meet with the client he tells me how happy he is with Emma on site and that she is performing extremely well.

Emma is very organised and constantly demonstrates Acuity’s visions and values not only to her team members but also to our clients and their visitors. She has come a long way since day one and I am extremely proud of what she accomplished so far, I am also excited to see how much more she will accomplish!”


Silvia joined the Acuity family in October last year and since then she became one of the strongest select team members. Silvia proved that hard work and positive energy will lead you to excellence. Silvia consistently received outstanding comments from both clients and colleagues for her excellent customer service skills, positive energy and professionalism.

Please see below some of the testimonials:

Silvia is a great team member, very proactive and positive. I constantly received positive feedback on her performance from my team members. Recently Silvia has helped me mobilise one of my new contracts and her support was vital for the success of the mobilisation.

Silvia treated 14-15 Conduit Street as her own site and was very thorough in implementing the new procedures for the site, Silvia also took in a lot of requests from the client and ensured that when the permanent Receptionist started everything was in place. Silvia also ensured that Clarissa was fully trained and that she received a very detailed handover.

The client was also very happy with Silvia’s performance during the mobilisation and still mentions her during our monthly meetings.

I am very grateful for Silvia’s professionalism and initiative during this mobilisation process and it is always a pleasure to have her covering my sites.” Michele Couri, Account Manager

Silvia is an amazing addition to the select team. It is with great pleasure to see a team member like Silvia whose determination and hard work has been recognised in such a way. Silvia throughout her time with Acuity has taken numerous projects such as the Select Team Handbook.

Silvia’s flexibility, positivity and eager to learn make her an exceptional team member I have therefore will personally take Silvia under my wings to make sure that she will develop her skills and is ready to take a step up in her career.” Michael Kuczynski, Account Manager

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