Our June Employee of the Month is...

Congratulations to Daniela Bertuzzi on winning Acuity’s employee of the month for June 2018.

Please find below the wonderful comments we have received about Daniela.

Daniela's Client Services Manager, Arik Benichou commented:

Daniela joined Acuity in May 2017 as a member of the Select Team and has been a great brand ambassador at all Acuity sites , and has received fantastic feedback from both Clients and other Acuity team members.

Daniela was highly praised during her time as a Select and in particular played a key role in supporting the Acuity team at Antares whilst they settled into their new HQ building. Daniela's positive & proactive nature and her fabulous smile has allowed her to really shine at all sites at which she has worked.

More recently, Daniela was successful in her interview for a permanent position at Diawa and she has already made a big impact there. She has built a strong relationship with the client and Daiwa’s employees and her ability to deal with challenges calmly has been recognised by all. Working closely with Lauren price, her team leader on site, Daniela has taken on additional responsibilities and projects.

We have also recently received an email from a VIP visitor to Daiwa who stated ”Out of all the investment banks I visit, I rate Daiwa as having by far the best reception staff.

I wish Daniela all the best in continuing her career with Acuity and look forward to working with her in future”.

Daniela's Team Leader, Lauren Price commented:

Having been on annual leave for a week in June, Daniela had the opportunity to step up and lead the team on site. Daniela remained calm and composed and dealt with everything, including a number of challenges, professionally and efficiently.

I am so proud to have Daniela working with me and look forward to our future on site together and watching Daniela's Daiwa/ Acuity career go from strength to strength”.

Yoshiko Miwa, Facilities Manager at Daiwa had the following to add:

“I’m pleased to witness Lauren and Daniella are becoming a great team. Daniela has been permanently assigned to this site for just over 2 months and handled the responsibility of being responsible for the service very well when Lauren was on annual leave.''

Since the arrival of receptionists from Acuity, the service levels have continuously improved. So much so, that we have received number of compliments from both our employees and their visitors. I hope this trend will continue.

Many thanks to Lauren and Daniella for their hard work”.

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