October Employee of the Month...

Congratulations to Viktor Szabo, October's Employee of the Month.

Viktor has been a part of the Acuity family since December 2015, first working as part of the Select Team and then moving to Sabadell where he has been ever since. During his time with Acuity, Viktor has shown a lot of dedication and passion and he has been working very closely with the client to assist with numerous tasks.

Client Services Manager, Marta Bannister, commented:

“Over the past year, I have witnessed Victor's professional growth and development. Viktor is always full of enthusiasm and has a very strong focus on the staff at Sabadell and clients visiting the business. Viktor has been involved in managing arrivals for events, VIP visits (including all unexpected arrivals), as well as liaising with various contractors and assisting everyone during the recent transition within the bank, this has included preparations in all areas, i.e. emails, equipment, security passes, etc. Viktor is very focused on service; paying great attention to detail and making sure that everything goes to plan.

Sabadell can be extremely busy at times and the team gets involved in various additional tasks, especially when VIPs are due to arrive. Viktor has definitely taken a lead in the past few months and has been a shining star. He represents Acuity and his brand in a very impressive way”.

The client at Banco de Sabadell, Neil Farren, commented:

Viktor has taken over the day-to-day management of the reception staff and has devoted a lot of time to the training of other Acuity staff. He goes the extra mile in supporting and assisting visiting contractors which is very much appreciated at all levels and has helped them carry out their tasks to everyone’s satisfaction.

I’m getting him more involved in health and safety management and he has taken all of this on board with much enthusiasm, in fact, he even spotted something I had missed, so his second pair of eyes has been invaluable."

Please join me in congratulating Viktor on this amazing achievement!

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