National Receptionists Day and April Employee awards.

On the National Receptionists Day, it is with pleasure that we announce that the team from Antares, Adriana Garcia and Christopher Hibbert, have been awarded Employees of the month for April 2017.

Adriana joined Acuity in May 2016 as part of our senior select team and acted as a great ambassador for Acuity receiving outstanding comments from both clients and colleagues for her excellent customer service skills and professionalism. When the opportunity presented itself Adriana was promoted as a team leader at Antares in September 2016. Christopher joined Acuity in September 2016 directly from British Airways, where he mastered the art of First class cabin service. Adriana and Christopher have worked collaboratively since then to transform the Antares reception into a warm, welcoming and efficient environment.

During the month of April alone, Adriana and Chris received 5 different letters of praise from various visitors, acknowledging the great experience they had at Antares where nothing seems impossible for the reception team.

Please find below the feedback received by their Facilities Manager at Antares their occupiers and Account Manager.

Nigel Cole, Facilities Manager at Antares gave the below feedback to Acuity: “I was very pleased to receive the feedback from our Head of Ceded Reinsurance noting the excellent service that one of his guests had received when visiting our office. This speaks volumes for the hard word that both Adriana and Christopher put into running the reception desk which is clearly being noticed in the best possible light”.

Julie Winfield, PA for the managing Director of Antares: I just wanted to let you know one of our Non-Executive Director’s (NEDs) Trevor Clegg was extremely complimentary about our new receptionist staff today. In particular Trevor mentioned the way in which the phone was answered one day last week when trying to get hold of Joe, and the professional manner in which he was addressed. Trevor mentioned that professionalism and efficiency on Reception is very hard to come by these days. He has noticed the vast difference to our Reception desk, particularly with it being the very first port of call when coming to an office. Trevor has asked for the e-mail addresses of Nigel and Chris as he would like to send an e-mail about it. I have also given him the Reception e-mail, if he would like to address Adriana and Christopher personally. I have to say I entirely agreed with all Trevor said and as it is nice to know when there is a compliment (rather than a complaint), I thought I would pass this on.”

Arik Benichou, Acuity Account Manager’s feedback: “It has been a great Journey with Adriana and Christopher in Antares so far, it was fantastic to see that they both have embraced Acuity’s core values and continuously month by month, with no fail, the value they have added by suggesting new initiatives to improve the quality of data and reports provided for clients. They have re-visited the client journey experience on the client floor and upgraded the service dramatically. When taking over meeting room management, they have both maximised the potential use of the meeting rooms, ensuring clients have received a personalised tailored service. During April the team also took additional responsibility on board and are now responsible for the company stationary orders and stock control. There are numerous other initiatives that the Dream Duo have introduced to make the Antares reception a fantastic place to work, therefore I was not surprised that in April only they have received 5 emails from various, independent, stakeholders recognising their fantastic service. It has been a real pleasure to work with them and I look forward to continue my journey with them.''

Have a great National Receptionists Day!

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