May Employee of the Month...

Congratulations to Simona Luca on winning Acuity’s employee of the month for May 2018.

It is with pleasure that I announce that Simona Luca has been selected as Acuity’s Employee of the Month for May 2018.

Simona has been a valued part of the Acuity team at Antares since October 2017 and has recently accepted a promotion to Business Lounge Manager, a very well deserved step forward in her career.

Simona came to Acuity from a strong background of customer service in both five-star hotels and corporate buildings with her most recent position being as a Receptionist in the Walkie-Talkie. This experience is instantly recognisable in Simona’s relaxed and welcoming nature with both the clients and guests. Simona’s innate ability to remember names and faces is remarkable and a credit to the attention and care she gives to the people around her. She has built very strong relationships with the rest of the Antares team and with the clients and occupiers of the building; she is always keen to brighten people’s day.

Her Senior Client service Manager, Arik Benichou, commented the following:

“I remember the first time I met Simona , she managed to charm me in her interview, I knew there and then she would be an asset to the Acuity family. Simona recently prepared and presented her first KPI; she took full ownership of this and the result was fantastic. She is incredibly keen to learn as much as possible and is currently working on improving her Microsoft Excel skills. This has paid dividends, as she played a big part in devising a new spreadsheet that tracks visitor numbers to the site.

Simona is truly valued by the team on site and by the client, her dedication and constant drive to improve and develop herself does not go unnoticed.

At this time Simona is preparing to take over the running of the Business Lounge at Antares and I am confident that she will do so admirably. She has remarkable attention to detail and a true commitment to providing the best possible customer service. Simona is a real brand ambassador for both Acuity and Antares and I am genuinely proud of her achievements.”

The Reception Manager, Adriana Garcia, recently commented:

“Simona is an excellent addition to the team here at Antares, she is a supportive and professional person who strives to do her job to the best standard possible. I have personally thoroughly enjoyed working with Simona over the past 6 months, she is full of positive energy and creative ideas. I see a bright future for her here at Antares and within Acuity.”

The Facilities Manager and Client at Antares, Nigel Cole, wished to add the following:

“I fully support the nomination for Simona for employee of the month. She is extremely polite, efficient and business-like and goes the extra mile to ensure that our staff and our visitors are well looked after. Simona has recently taken on more responsibility which she has coped very well with, contributes ideas which are very welcome and is a key member of the Acuity team but also the Antares team."

Simona was very grateful for the recognition:

"A huge thank you for all your kind words. I am so grateful to have been promoted and extremely happy for this unexpected reward. I look forward to all the excitement and challenges that lay ahead.

Chiara and Arik, thank you for believing in me. I will work hard to maintain the confidence and trust you have showed in me."

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