March Employee of the Month...

Congratulations to Matthew Toro on winning Acuity’s employee of the month for March 2018.

Matthew has worked as part of the Acuity team for 6 months and has really changed the experience of all tenants at 14-15 Conduit Street. Matthew has built some very strong working relationships with the tenants and he always looks for a new way to assist them and make them happy.

This award is a recognition of the creativity and dedication that Matthew showed when preparing for Easter celebrations on site.

The Account Manager, Marta Bannister, commented:

“In preparation for Easter, I discussed purchasing Easter chocolates for the sites with the team. Matthew took a proactive approach and got approval from the client and then decided to do something really special for them; he personally handcrafted Easter gift bags for every occupier. In each little bag he added mini chocolate eggs and a folded personalised quote from a famous writer, actor or historic figure. Some of the messages were even in the different languages of the tenants. I think this is a fabulous example of showing dedication, care and creativity. Matthew went well beyond his duties to delight the client and the tenants and he devoted his personal time to ensure that each little gift has a special meaning. I am extremely impressed and truly amazed by his effort and the impression he has made on everyone”.

The client at Trophaeum Assets, Elisa Romagnoli, commented:

“Matthew you left me speechless! You definitely went above and beyond and this is extremely appreciated by us and I am sure most of all by the tenants."

"Matthew's initiative shows his passion, talent and creativity; this is what personalised customer service looks like. Well done Matthew!" Chiara Di Rienzo, Acuity Director.

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