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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

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How's that New Year Resolution going?

Innerfit- Acuity Concierge Partner
Innerfit- Acuity Concierge Partner

Most of us started 2020 with the best intentions. Most of us fail our New Year resolutions. In fact, research by YouGov shows that most of us fail our New Year’s resolutions and that we really struggle with ‘Dry January’, with 29% of people taking part in the campaign confessing to slipping up in the first week

So how can you make healthy habits stick?

This article shows how good health begins with valuing yourself. So grab a pen and pad, and prioritise your health in a way which works for you.

Good health starts within you

Forget crash diets & fitness fads. Good health begins with you. Say “no” to distraction and look within yourself to find the right goal for you. You are a lot more likely to stick at it if you really want to do it.

Add Something (Don’t Delete)

Cutting ‘bad’ things is not a long-term strategy. Research shows that you are more likely to succeed if you focus on adding ‘good’ behaviours rather than deleting ‘bad’ ones. If you try to cut sugar, alcohol or late nights in front of the TV, our brain naturally begins to think about each of those things. Rather, why not try adding in a new lifestyle choice or behaviour to replace it? If you need to write down the things you want to do and the time to make it happen, put them in the diary. Chances are they will indirectly replace the ‘bad’ habits you used to have.

Look for Bright Spots Super You

Think of a time you were really healthy. What are the things you do well? Mind blank? Don’t worry, there are plenty. If you are shy at blowing your own trumpet, ask others who know you well to have a go to get you thinking along the right lines.

Focusing on bright spots and the things you do well can be a really positive way of building habits. If you eat healthily on some days of the week, what can you learn from that? If there are times in the day you feel particularly motivated, can you replicate the underlying behaviors more consistently? Think of the things you do every day with or without difficulty, what you see as routine, others may see as impressive.

Next Steps

Write it down and put it somewhere visible. Success breeds success. So, think about the three tips above. Can you choose one small thing to do, right now?

If you’re struggling for that one thing, here are a few ideas:

• Getting off the tube/train or bus a stop or two early

• Using the stairs

• Add a piece of fruit to your breakfast

• Buy a water bottle for your desk

• Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day

Small, but definite positive steps is the key. Good luck!

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