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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Congratulations to Diego Cabrero and Sally Scott, July's Employees of the Month.

Diego Cabrero

Diego has been working as part of the Acuity Select team for the past 10 months and has added tremendous value to Acuity by receiving great feedback from client and team members.

''On a personal note I would also like to thank Diego for having helped with a recent consultancy project I am working on. Working as Acuity Select at one of the main Welcome point of this prestigious institution, Diego took ownership from day one, raising the reception standards with professionality and amazing customer service skills. Diego also forged meaningful professional relationships with the wider team on site and received amazing feedback from our demanding clients and many other Executives and VPs. Furthermore Diego was instrumental in capturing complex information and informing the Site Manual that myself and another consultant are currently working on.

Over the past few months I was able to delegate many projects to Diego and pick his brain on many ideas regarding the service delivery on site. He was always flexible, happy to help and quick in completing various tasks.

It has been a true delight to work closely with Diego those past few months and I very much enjoyed it. Diego’s positive attitude, smile, attention to details and passion for customer service make him a fantastic asset to Acuity.

Thank you Diego for all your help with this project so far!''

Chiara Di Rienzo, Director at Acuity

Client Services Manager, Marta Bannister, has recently commented:

Since Diego has been a member of the Acuity Select Team it has been a pleasure to see him grow and develop. I receive regular positive feedback from both my clients and reception teams regarding Diego’s performance when he’s assigned to work at their properties. The words flexibility, passion, helpfulness and commitment, are frequently used to describe his personality and approach to his work. I personally had a lot of interaction with Diego when I covered the Select Manager role whilst Michael Kuczynski was on annual leave and found him a joy to work with and a great ambassador for Acuity. Diego is currently working at a very important temporary assignment for Acuity and I’ve heard from both Chiara Di Rienzo and Neil Ames that the client there is frequently telling them what a wonderful asset he is for our company. I am delighted to see that Diego keeps shining and I strongly believe that he deserves this recognition”.

The Select Manager, Michael Kuczynski, has recently commented:

''Diego has been an incredible addition to the Select team. Throughout his time with Acuity, Diego has taken many projects on board and completed them to the highest of standards and in a timely manner. Diego's attention to detail and willingness to progress and learn, coupled with his positivity, flexibility and adaptability to different environments, has impressed not only the Acuity Management team but also our site based team members and our clients. Diego should be very proud of his achievements to date at Acuity.''

Sally Scott

Sally has been working as part of the Acuity team at 20 Gracechurch Street for the past 2 years and has shown a great dedication to the site, the team and the client. Her presentation and attention to detail have always been exceptional and she plays a key role in organising the many lobby events held on site. Thank you Sally!

Please find below what Marta and Penny had to say about Sally.

The Client Services Manager, Marta Bannister, has recently commented:

I have been looking after 20 Gracechurch Street for a relatively short time, but Sally has really impressed me with her commitment and passion. When the Reception Manager went on maternity leave and we waited for the new Manager to start, Sally agreed to be the first point of contact for the team, client and myself and has done an outstanding job. Sally kept in touch with me and the client on a regular basis and really stepped up in looking after the operations on site. She has been super professional throughout, understanding the priorities and managing all aspects of the operation very well. Sally’s communication has been amazing and she even offered to work a few extra days to provide more consistency, including the first days when Penny joined the team. I was very impressed with the level of commitment and understanding of the bigger picture that Sally has displayed. She is a fantastic Acuity ambassador and to recognize Sally’s excellent service, the client scored us above expectations in the communication section of the latest SLA report.”

The Reception Manager at 20 Gracechurch Street, Penny Tzivitzi, has recently commented:

''Having joined the team at 20 Gracechurch Street quite recently, I had the pleasure of not simply meeting Sally but being trained by her personally. From the first moment it was obvious that Sally is not only an experienced professional but a person that genuinely cares about the team and the tenants. She stepped up in the interim period, while the team was without a manager, and through her actions and dedication, managed to keep the team performing well. She also maintained effective and professional communication with the BNP Paribas Team, who recognised her efforts at the last monthly meeting.

I am truly grateful and appreciative of Sally's willingness to go the extra mile!''

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