Acuity Select Team - January Employee of the Month.

It is a pleasure to announce that Marco Capuano has been selected as Acuity’s employee of the month for January 2019.

Marco Capuano - Acuity Select Team Employee of the Month
Marco Capuano

Marco has been working as part of the Acuity Select Team since August 2018 and has shown a great dedication to the sites he's covered so far.

Eleanor Gadsby, Property & Asset Manager from 35 Berkeley Square, commented:

"Marco has been fantastic whilst he has worked at Berkeley Square, he is extremely reliable and always goes above and beyond in his day-to-day role."

Michael Kuczynski, The Acuity Select Manager, commented:

"Marco joined the Acuity family in August 2018. Since then Marco has been trained on many of the Acuity sites and received excellent feedback from team members and our clients. His dedication to customer service and his positive attitude has helped him to create his own personal brand.

Marco has been covering 35 Berkeley Square for the past few months where he quickly developed a strong relationship with tenants, the client and impressed the Acuity management team with his pro-activity in implementing different procedures to ensure a five-star service is provided at all times. Due to the nature of his role, Marco has been trained on many of the Acuity sites, and with this gained knowledge, he has developed himself and exceeded the Acuity management team’s expectations."

Congratulations Marco!

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