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Healthy Workplace, Healthy Profits

How healthy is your workplace? Absence due to sickness costs UK businesses around £29 bn every year [1]. Sometimes people are genuinely ill, but we all know that isn’t always the case. It sounds obvious, but creating a happy, healthy work environment is the key to reducing absence.

The Costs of Workplace Absence

The cost of workplace absence is far more than the loss of productivity and sick pay. Consider additional admin time and the hidden effects on morale as colleagues have to ‘step in’. When employees wake up in the morning and look forward to their day the last thing they would do is ‘chuck a sickie’. If the work environment includes opportunities to look after health and fitness, employees want to be there, and are less likely to be unable to.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” - Tim Fargo

A Workplace Wellbeing Programme

There is no quick fix! Aim to reduce absence via a sustainable workplace wellbeing programme that includes every employee. Engage every employee by involving them in the process. The activities you include need to appeal to and be appropriate for your workforce. Explain that you want to improve health and wellbeing for mutual benefit, ask what activities/services they would benefit from. This is a moveable feast, be prepared to adapt your programme for optimal success as time goes on.

Workplace Wellbeing to Reduce Absenteeism

Innerfit have worked with many organisations across London, giving us an impressive insight.

Here are Innerfit’s suggestions for developing a healthy workplace to reduce absenteeism:

1. Listen to employees, find out what they need

2. Train the right person to be a Wellbeing Champion

3. Provide facilities to encourage water consumption and healthy eating

4. Support mental and physical health with workshops and activities

5. Listen to employees to gain feedback for continuous improvement.


Innerfit For Workplace Wellbeing

Chris is the founder of Innerfit, a fitness-centered wellbeing provider for organisations across London. Innerfit believe everyone has the right to a unique, high functioning relationship with fitness.

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[1] Health at Work: Economic Evidence Report 2016

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