Happy to announce our last Employee of the Month for this year - Alex Bowes Lawler

It is with pleasure that I announce that Alex Bowes Lawler has been selected as Acuity’s employee of the month for December 2017.

Alex joined the Acuity family in May 2017 and has been a fantastic ambassador for Acuity at ABRSM ever since. Alex has excellent customer service skills and great attention to detail. His personable approach and use of his seven languages has enabled him to create a bespoke visitor experience to the sites many international guests. It therefore came as no surprise to us when Alex when received praise from his guests and members of our client’s senior management team.

Alex has also taken on additional responsibilities to support the client and further develop in his role. He’s been working alongside the Head of Communications on the bi-weekly newsletter, as well as a data analysis project for the Facilities team. This last project allowed him to create a ticketing system for queries to be handles in an efficient and effective way.

Tom Harrington, our client in ABRSM, commented on how proactive and hardworking Alex is and the amazing transformation in the service levels both visitors and employees have experienced on site since Alex joined.

Since he joined us in May this year Alex has transformed our reception service, his level of commitment and enthusiasm is second to none. He’s repeatedly gone above and beyond that which is expected of his role and takes great pride in ensuring a smooth and effective transition when someone is covering his shift. He’s always welcoming guests with a smile and even utilising his language skills with some of our international guests. The fact that even during some recent significant personal matters, his level of service hasn’t wavered once, is particularly impressive and I think worthy of recognition.”

Arik Benichou his account manager commented:

When I took over the site in September I had the pleasure to experience Alex’s hospitality on site. His passion for playing music instruments and his deep understanding to the needs of his international guests makes him a unique candidate for the site. Having experienced the Guest Journey at ABRSM in the past himself when attending his own examinations, enabled Alex to anticipate needs , support and warmly welcome these unique visitors and make them feel at home.

He is eager to learn and to deliver exceptional results. Despite his short time on site Alex was able to support his Facilities manager on couple of large projects. He has taken the time to further support his personal development outside work and enrolled to a Chinese course to allow him to extend his personalised welcome to his Guests.

Alex is a fine example of using his passion for language and music and applying this at work. I look forward to continue working alongside him and see him developing in his role further.”

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