First Impression Techniques workshop launched

Updated: Feb 12, 2021


Specific training to support businesses who want to upskill their front of house representatives to support authentic connections with customers even whilst wearing a face mask.


Acuity, the five-star front-of-house service provider and sister company of Axis Security, is delivering a two-hour online workshop to offer tips and insights on techniques aimed at improving overall first impressions within a professional environment.

The online workshop which has been designed for security officers and front-of-house staff, will be hosted both on the 17th of February and the 25th of February between 11am and 1pm.

The topics to be discussed will range from insights on how to establish a successful and positive first impression, to the importance of aligning focus, physiology and language in order to build a more ‘genuine’ experience of the business.

Attendees will also learn techniques on how to present a professional image through body language and posture, and how to still create a positive impression from behind a face mask. Insights will similarly be given on how even a slight change in attitude can strengthen relationships with colleagues and customers.

Chiara Di Rienzo, Acuity Director, says first impressions are fundamental to establishing strong and lasting relationships in a professional context. “The first impressions that you get when arriving at a business location often mirrors the ethos of a company, so it is important that it is the right first impression that a business makes.

“Through our First Impression Techniques workshops we want to provide all the knowledge and skills needed for people, who are instrumental in helping visitors form a positive image of the business they are visiting, to confidently create a positive first impression for that business.

“COVID-19 has affected everyone’s way of working, so we hope these workshops will provide additional support to help people overcome the barrier of wearing a face covering when part of their job is to create authentic connections with customers and employees. Overall, we hope our workshop will provide further help to all those businesses seeking to improve their professional image.”

For more information or to register for one of the online workshops visit

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