Employees of the Month - July and August

It is with pleasure that I announce that members of the 20 Gracechurch Street team, Kayleigh Hall and Vlad Mircea, have been awarded Employees of the Month for July & August 2017.

Kayleigh Hall

Kayleigh joined Acuity in March 2015 as a team leader and she has been great ambassador for Acuity ever since, leading the team on site successfully and driving them to achieve great results. When the opportunity presented itself in September 2017, Kayleigh was promoted as a Reception Manager.

Last month Kayleigh designed a very successful CSR summer fair event on site. Kayleigh and her team also created an interactive fun playground with various activities including a mini golf course. They delighted the occupiers with fresh flavoured popcorns and sweets. The event created a fantastic atmosphere in the reception area and the team received wonderful feedback. The team raised over £400 for the nominated charity.

Kaighley’s account manager Arik Benichou commented:

I have been working with Kayleigh for over two and a half years now; it is always a pleasure to see a team member developing in their career. Kayleigh used her initiative and personal skills to evolve both herself and her team. With the wealth of knowledge she has of the site, she has created new manuals that will help to support the site and the future team members. Kayleigh is a delight to work with, it is rewarding to see that she continuously utilises any feedback she receives to become an even better leader for her team and the site. I am very proud to say that 20GCS has successfully raised over £1,100 from CSR activities so far this year. Kayleigh and the team are already planning couple of more events to delight the occupiers and visitors on site and break the record of funds achieved last year”.

Vlad Mircea

Vlad joined Acuity in June 2017 and immediately utilised his natural charm and technical skills to impress both team members and our clients on site.

Vlad is a delight to work with also, having a genuinely positive attitude. He is extremely dedicated to his role and is always proactively looking for new ways to improve the service. In just 3 months, Vlad has continuously exceeded expectations, receiving many compliments for his work and projects.

Vlad’s reception manager Kayleigh Hall commented:

Vlad gave amazing support for the Summer Fair Event. Creating wonderful posters and assisted during his break and after work to ensure the games we created were ready on time and looking great. Following the event Vlad really impressed the building manager with a very professional, informative but also fun presentation that he created about the event. Vlad has gone above and beyond what was expected, putting enormous effort into the presentation including spending hours at home creating an entertaining video montage of the day”.

Following Vlad’s work on the event, as well as the creation of the monthly newsletter - that also received great feedback, he has now become well known for his creative skills and has been requested by the building management to work with them on a new project for the end of the year.

Vlad has also tasked himself with taking professional photos of the team to make our in-house documentation more polished. The building management team was so impressed with his skills that Vlad was asked to photograph all departmental employees.

The team on site also commented:

We feel Vlad is a very passionate team member who is always contributing great views and ideas to improve the reception. Vlad is constantly going above and beyond to really take ownership of his reception role and staff tasks. Vlad uses his creative skills to not only present things to others but also to help us as a team to see and understand things to the best of our knowledge.”

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