Employees of the Month Awards - September

It is with pleasure that I announce that Emma Hawkes and Annie Jenkins have been selected as our employees of the month for September 2017.

Emma joined the Acuity family in September 2016 as a Select Team receptionist and was promoted to Receptionist at the Crown Office Chambers in April 2017. Annie joined the Acuity family as a Receptionist at the Crown Office Chambers in June 2017. Annie and Emma have made a fantastic impression on the client and have worked very hard on improving the service and the processes at their site.

Nick Hamilton and Nancy Abrahams, the clients at the Crown Office Chambers commented on how proactive and hardworking Emma and Annie are. They added that the current reception team are the best they have ever had. Nick and Nancy are very impressed with the ideas and innovations that both ladies brought to the site, examples being the change in the meeting room information, and transferring paper based documents to online information, which has reduced the amount of documents on the reception desk.

One of the team’s biggest achievements in September was recognition from an external client, who was so overwhelmed with the quality of the reception service at Crown Office Chambers, that he commented on it in an online article on the Legal 500 website entitled “The modern-day Bar part 2: Receptions”: ‘When you make the initial call you are greeted by very friendly and helpful receptionists, who quickly pass you to the relevant clerk.’

Marta Bannister, Acuity Account Manager’s Feedback on Emma and Annie:

“In recent weeks I had the opportunity to spend some time with Annie and Emma at the Crown Office Chambers and was really WOWed by the fantastic service they provide. The Crown Office Chambers is an exceptionally busy site, where the team are expected to be the font of all knowledge, have all the answers and handle a variety of situations, ranging from very high volume of calls, to unexpected visitors with unusual queries. They also have to manage last minute lunches in neighbouring buildings which are used by the company and very busy and rapidly changing meeting room availability and demand. I had the pleasure to observe the ladies perform extremely well under pressure and working in perfect harmony. They appeared to be reading each other's minds and supported one another to provide the guests, staff and the callers with the highest levels of service. The ladies are constantly engaged in ensuring that all aspects of their role are performed to the highest level and they continuously look for opportunities to improve and enhance the service. In such busy environment Annie and Emma really shine and are a brilliant example of what is at the heart of Acuity".

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