Effective Conflict Resolution

A powerful tool to help your business in 2020 By Tracey Livingston Howard, Seneca Training


CEO‘s, leaders and employees at any level of an organisation who can manage and channel conflict in a constructive way can get to the root of issues, apply rigor to the team’s thinking, and ultimately drive the best outcomes.


1. Conflict is always bad or negative

If done well, conflict drives many positive changes, including high levels of innovation, robust team dynamics and greater efficiencies. All of which can lead to achieving company goals, creating repeat business and having happier, more productive employees.

2. Conflict management is a personality trait

False. Conflict management is behavioural, not about personality, which makes conflict management training so influential. You are meant to choose which conflict style to use in any given situation. This unique approach makes conflict resolution fully in our control rather than feeling that it is a fixed personality trait.

3. It‘s bad to avoid conflicts

False. When you learn the 8 key attributes to assess a conflict situation, you will realise that avoidance is a perfect conflict resolution style to use in certain situations. For example, when you haven‘t read the briefing for an important meeting and need to postpone it until you‘re fully prepared. Or when you‘re highly stressed and need to take a walk before speaking to a colleague about an incident of concern.

Conflict Management skills are considered to be one of the most valuable ‘soft’ skills an employee can have. However, the latest CPP survey finds that most people have never had a conflict management training.


  • Driving innovation and change

  • Improved teamwork and workplace culture

  • Better communication skills

  • Higher employee satisfaction/retention

  • Increased productivity

  • Greater self-awareness and resilience


  • Our training teaches participants that conflict management is behavioral, not about personality traits, and is therefore a learned skill

  • The TKI® conflict style assessment is completed by participants before the training and their results are used to create a personalised experience

  • The self-awareness makes participants better at handling conflict and creates numerous benefits to the individual and organisation as a whole

  • Participants are generally open to change and through self-awareness have been overwhelmingly found to make positive changes to the way they approach and handle conflict when they’re back to work

Seneca Training is the only licensed and certified organisation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by Kilmann Diag-nostics [the creators of the TKI® conflict style assessment.

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