Double win for June Employee of the Month!

I am delighted to announce that Eloise Baxter and Promi Ahmed have been awarded the Employee of the month for June 2017. Please find below the reasons for their choice and please do join me in congratulating Eloise and Promi for their achievements at their respective sites.

Eloise Baxter – Monument Building

Eloise joined the Acuity family for a couple of months at the Monument building. Since then Eloise took on board many new projects and was able to impress the client for her professionalism, ideas and commitment towards excellent service.

Eloise recognised the need of both visitors and occupiers to have information at hand about the site surrounding area. Being new to the area herself, Eloise decided to create a Concierge Manual with FAQ, maps, restaurants, shops, price range and offerings which was welcomed by the visitors and occupiers.

She also designed a new and improved way to collate information about visitors by creating an Excel spreadsheet and writing instructions for the gathering and input of data, for any potential users on site.

Please see below what Eloise’s Building Manager, visitors and Account Manager have to say about her.

Angela Patrick, Building Manager, The Monument Building, BNP Paribas

The reports Eloise created and designed are fantastic – has exceeded all expectations, great work – well done!!!”

One on the building occupiers , Gen Millington from Maxis commented:

I just wanted to say how courteous, efficient and outstanding both Matt and Eloise have been. I really just wanted to show my appreciation, I feel both members of staff have been a great asset.”

Arik Benichou, Acuity Account Manager:

It is a delight to be working with Eloise and to see her taking full ownership of her role and her site. Eloise not only shares creative ideas, but she also actively implements each and every single one of them! Eloise joined Acuity with no corporate background, she embraced this new challenge and turned it into a great success. I was extremely impressed to see her first report in a unique and stylish format and the level of details information provided. It was also a great joy to attend the first client meeting and to receive such fantastic feedback about her performance. She is the first Acuity employee to date to be nominated and awarded on 3 separate areas on the SLA report (Customer Service, Site Knowledge and Service Excellence) and achieve 120% on her first ever KPI – an exceptional achievement!!!! Well done Eloise!''

Promi Ahmed – Paternoster House

Promi joined the Acuity family in January this year at Paternoster House. During her first couple of weeks Promi managed to make a great impression to the Building Management team and to the tenants in the building by delivering consistently excellent service.

Most recently, Promi worked together with her Building Management to find a new visitor management system for the site. She took ownership of the process and was able to recommend a selection of visitor management system fit for purpose allowing the site to save money without diluting the service standards.

Please see below what Promi’s Building Manager and Account Manager say about her.

Marlon Soman, Building Manager, Paternoster House:

Promi has worked extremely hard this month with our system being down, she has organised a few trial periods with the suppliers to ensure a decision was made taking into account the needs of our building and the best system to cater for our needs.

She also managed to bring the total cost on the quote down significantly, which is a great achievement!”

Michele Couri, Acuity Account Manager:

Promi is a great team member with a wealth of experience in Costumer Service.

Not only did Promi work really hard during the period in which the system was down, but she also helped the Building Manager with many different kinds of projects, including providing Marlon with assistance on compiling and formulating the Health & Safety Manual for the site.

Promi is a very positive team member who is always willing to help and provide support when needed. From the interview stage until now Promi has made an excellent impression not only to the Building Management team and occupiers, but also to her colleagues on site. Well done Promi!”

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