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Nikhil Kirsh is a British artist who emerged in 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland with his first solo show entitled, “TRANSGRESS, ramma fyrir ramma”. Since then, he has exhibited his subtle yet provocatively honest works through many subsequent collections. He is also known in Reykjavik for his affinity with Icelandic artists, resulting in sculptural and theatrical collaborations.

More recently, since his return to UK, he has been exploring dimensions of consciousness, from existential ‘separateness’ to deeper and more intimate expressions of unity consciousness. This journey has marked a significant shift towards a deeper mysticism in his work.

Kirsh is currently experimenting with combinations of geometric form to generate specifically intended vibrational experiences for the viewer. In alchemical terms they function much like machines that hold in their opening forms, transformative energies. For his most recent painting, 'Path Of Freedom', he worked intuitively with three concepts: Freedom, Connection and Bliss, combined as separate portals to complete a very particular journey within.

Nikhil Kirsh is an Acuity Concierge partner. Get in contact to find out more about Acuity Concierge Offerings: concierge@acuity-services.co.uk

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