Carla Da Silva Ferreira is our March Employee!

It is with pleasure that we announce that Carla Da Silva Ferreira has been selected as our employee of the month for March 2017.

Carla joined the Acuity family in February 2015 as a receptionist and was promoted to a team leader (for a maternity cover) in September 2016. Since the very start, Carla worked closely with her team to enhance the customer experience at Pinners Hall, a challenging site with highly demanding occupiers and more than 300 visitors a day in some instances!

Carla has received great feedback from her Facilities Manager at Pinners Hall, occupiers and the Account Manager.

Steven Wadsworth, Facilities Manager at Pinners Hall gave the below feedback to Acuity:

I have just been speaking to one of the managers in the BBA. They have asked me to thank you for all the help you have been giving them and wanted to put it on record as to how grateful they are. To quote their words, they said particularly Carla has been “Absolutely Brilliant”.

Well done Carla as to get such high praise from one of the occupiers is a real achievement and reflects the effort and professionalism you apply to your role. We are all very proud of you.”

Gabriel Colin, Deutsche Bank Asset Management, Pinners Hall:

I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback that I received last week. Apologies I didn’t get around to share this with you earlier as last week was quite hectic. One client who was here to see F.C. (DB Global Head of Wealth Management), commented on how friendly the reception team in Pinners Hall was. Fabrizio’s assistant said the guest was really complimentary regarding the level of service that your team has provided and I must admit it is a real pleasure to work with them on a daily basis.”

Arik Benichou, Acuity's Account Manager’s feedback on Carla:

“It is always a pleasure to see a team members progressing in their career and embracing new challenges. Following her promotion, Carla engaged in activities with the team to drive fantastic results on site and enhanced the customer experience, this resulted in the fantastic feedback from very demanding occupiers. Carla has an extensive knowledge of the building due to her length of service on site and she proved to be a valuable asset to the building management team on numerous occasions. She is often praised for her contribution in resolving facilities related challenges. Carla is currently working on a “Gap to Excellence” document that we believe will allow the team to achieve even greater results!

We will all our teams a great bank holiday weekend!

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