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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Congratulations to Tyler Chambers on winning Acuity’s employee of the month for April 2018.

Tyler has worked as part of the Acuity team for over two and a half years and has recently been promoted to Team Leader at 2 London Wall Place. Tyler’s journey with Acuity is truly inspirational and shows that with hard work, dedication and creativity, the sky is the limit.

Tyler started her career with us as a part time Select Receptionist and when the opportunity presented itself she was able to impress the client and secure her first full time receptionist role. Tyler has demonstrated fantastic customer service skills and supported the team leader with complex site operations. Following a year in the role, Tyler secured a receptionist role in a fantastic new site opening with Brookfield, where she has managed to execute a truly remarkable world class guest experience on site. She has built a very strong relationship with the occupiers, the team on site and the building management, so it came as no surprise that the client awarded the team leader position to her.

Acuity Account Manager, Arik Benichou, comments:

“I have been working with Tyler since she joined Acuity and i'm very proud to see her achievements and progress along the years. When we were working on designing the guest experience on site Tyler took full ownership of the process and the results and feedback were fantastic. When guests now arrive at 2 London Wall Place they will be welcomed into a luxury hotel experience with a warm, genuine welcome from the host, who will check the guest in using iPad technology, and an offer of a refreshing drink while they wait for a meeting. First time visitors can also enjoy an interesting fact about the site and its surroundings. I can honestly say I have received numerous compliments about Tyler.

To help other receptionist to deliver a high-end guest experience, Tyler has also designed a personalised welcome pack for each new Select Receptionist team member to ensure they have all the relevant information they require to deliver a 5-star service.

Tyler has also prepared and presented the site scorecard with objectives to the client and a annual event calendar. The client was very impressed and allocated budget for these future events. In addition, as part of the planned CSR commitment, Tyler along with her colleague Jean, executed their first charity event on site which was very successful and raised over £185 for their site nominated charity- crisis .

Her positive attitude , dedication and her desire to learn and to constantly improve are just a few of the reasons Tyler Is appreciated by her team, the client and other stakeholders.”

John Sephton, Axis Security Manager at 99 Bishopsgate, sent us an email following his experience at 2 London Wall Place:

“Tyler has impressed me every time I’ve been. She is so welcoming, friendly and has excellent customer service. Truly 5 star."

The client at Brookfield ,Sharlene Rhoden, has commented:

“Tyler is a real asset to Acuity, she is a pleasure to work with and nothing that is asked of her is ever too much. I have already received couple of emails from the occupiers complimenting her on her welcoming and service standard, The feedback from the security and the rest of the other team is always very positive, I know that when Tyler is behind the desk I leave reception in very safe and capable hands.”

Following her award, Tyler replied: "I am truly thankful for all the support and encouragement I have received during my career with Acuity both from the management team and my co-workers. You are all amazing!

This year has been very important and instrumental for my growth within my career, so thank you very much for all your kind words."

Please join me in congratulating Tyler on this amazing achievement!

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