Annual Awards - ''Team of the Year''

We are delighted to announce that our team at Viacom CBS, has been awarded the Acuity ''Team of the Year'' for 2020.

When Acuity was awarded the contract in October 2019, the client had very clear and high expectations. They wanted to transform the customer experience to reflect the prestige of the site.

The team, led by Charlotte, has done an incredible job in creating and implementing a new customer journey on site that exceeds our client expectations. The reception area turned into a vibrant and welcoming spot for their internal and external visitors.

The strength of the team and its resilience has shone even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. The site requirements changed due to lockdown, and the reception team were no longer needed at reception as the site was closed to visitors. Both Charlotte and Loretta were very determined to support the client with any tasks available during these uncertain times and therefore, temporarily joined the on-site facilities team to provide a hands on support. Their positive and flexible approach not only has allowed them to learn new skills to support the site, but also made them an invaluable part of the facilities team.

The Viacom reception team have assisted the international operations team in transforming the site and making it Covid secure. The team has led projects such as: creating a new space for meetings rooms, creating users guides for employees, managing help desk, assisting the working remotely employees with various tasks. Additionally, they have been working on special projects for the senior director for international facilities, rearranging desk spaces, etc.

The achievements of the team in Viacom are exceptional!

Charlotte and Loreta have demonstrated that by genuinely understanding the needs of their clients, being flexible and learning new skills, they can truly add value and become exemplary ambassadors for Acuity. It was truly an honor to support them during this challenging year and seeing the incredible impact they have made on site. This journey was not always easy but despite the challenges the team were facing, they have only become stronger and delivered over and above the expectations.

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