Annual Awards - ''Employee of the Year''

It is with a great pleasure we announce ''The Employee of the Year'' for 2020 - Anastasia Stutz.

This remarkable individual joined Acuity in September 2018 and has become a great ambassador for both our company and our client.

During her first year on site, Anastasia was presented with a great challenge of integrating the new, cutting edge facial recognition technology and the site visitor management system. She took this project on-board with enthusiasm and worked tirelessly with various stakeholders, to ensure a successful integration and a unique customer experience delivered on her site.

This year, in an ongoing effort to enhance the customer experience on site, Anastasia introduced new concierge offerings to her clients. She also worked with other managers on various BNP sites to assist them in enhancing their concierge offerings and integrating them within their visitor managing systems for an easy access to all users.

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Anastasia has been supporting her client in the facilitation of COVID-19 safe measures on-site and has taken ownership of implementing various procedures to ensure all occupiers are back to a safe environment.

While supporting her new building manager on site, Anastasia has continued with her efforts, passion and commitment for the environment and implemented new green initiatives on site. She has also taken it upon herself to meet the waste management company for her site to inquire about the best practices for 2021. Additionally, she has scheduled a future complimentary trip, for selected occupiers to the waste recycling site and an onsite workshop to increase awareness.

Anastasia’s drive and passion for constant improvement is admirable. She truly believes that living in a better world start with small actions from each of us. She therefore takes a lot of pride in taking those actions and educating others to do the same.

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