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Acuity Select Team - April Employee of the Month

Updated: May 14, 2019

It is a pleasure to announce that Lolly Akande has been selected as Acuity’s employee of the month for April 2019. Lolly has been working as part of the Acuity Select Team since July 2018 and has greatly impressed both the reception teams and clients at the sites she’s worked at so far. Please find below various comments relating to Lolly’s performance:

Lolly Akande

Josie Owusu, Receptionist, Medius House, comments:

"Thank you, Lolly, for covering me on my annual leave. Both the team and tenants were very happy with your hard work, professionalism and friendly attitude."

Simona Luca, Business Lounge Manager, QIC, comments:

"Lolly is a lovely person, she’s very friendly and impressed all at QIC. Lolly has excellent verbal skills, communicating clearly and concisely with both our clients and their visitors. She’s careful to keep others informed in a timely manner and maintains a positive attitude and attention to detail, she also listens carefully and asks perceptive questions. I look forward to working with Lolly again."

Adriana Garcia, Front Of House Manager, QIC, comments:

"It was a real pleasure to work with Lolly, she was very punctual and took ownership of her work. She worked very well with myself and the team; she is not afraid to ask questions, is willing to learn and is adaptable and professional. I felt that Lolly was not a 'yes' person whereby she would agree to instructions, instead, she wanted to ensure that she understood all procedures and instructions. I am very happy that Lolly has trained here and has become part of the Select team who can cover this site. I look forward to working with her again."

Diego Cabrero, Acuity Select and Project Leader, comments:

"During my time as Project and Select Leader, Lolly has consistently gone above and beyond to help me whenever I needed her to. She always has a wonderful smile and positive attitude – even on the occasions I’ve had to change her rota or called her for a last minute change to her shift. I believe Lolly is an amazing Acuity ambassador, and I'm thankful for her dedication and patience towards the Select team. Last month I had the opportunity to visit Medius House where Lolly had been covering and I could see how much people adored her there; they gave her presents, invited her to lunch and told her that she will be missed! I would love to add that, in my opinion, Lolly is fantastic, very professional and an excellent team player."

Michael Kuczynski, Acuity Select Manager, comments:

"Since Lolly joined Acuity, Lolly has impressed us all with her enthusiasm and can-do attitude. She is a very warm and caring team member who shows passion for her job and always delivers a five-star welcome to her guests. Her work ethic, attitude and demeanour are exactly what is needed from an Acuity Select team member. Lolly is attentive, eager to learn and calm under pressure and it is a pleasure working with her."

Lolly comments: "I have learnt so much and I am still learning as an Acuity Select team member. It is a pleasure to be able to work at such fantastic sites and I am grateful to work with such incredible people."

Congratulations Lolly on this amazing achievement!

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