Acuity's May Employee of the Month

It is a pleasure to announce that Diego Cabrero has been selected as Acuity’s employee of the month for May 2019.

Diego has been a part of the Acuity family for the past year and was recently promoted to Select Project Leader. Diego provides support to the Acuity Select and site-based teams, ensuring that our clients receive excellent service at all times.

Diego Cabrero, Acuity Select Project Leader
Diego Cabrero, Acuity Select Project Leader

Acuity Select Manager, Michael Kuczynski:

“Diego has exceeded everyone's expectations. His passion for customer service and his willingness to progress and learn has resulted in him being awarded 'Employee of the Month' on two previous occasions. Diego has shown high levels of competence and professionalism in his new role and has impressed Acuity and clients."

Acuity Assistant Client Services Manager, Christopher Hibbert:

“In his role as Select Project Leader, Diego not only supports the Select Team but also provides outstanding levels of support and guidance to our site-based teams and assists the management team. Diego has helped with site manuals, played a key role in mobilising numerous contracts and vastly improved the information we provide to the Select Team.

Most recently, Diego played a major role in the Select Team Manager’s absence by taking absence calls and managing the changes to team deployment. During this time, Diego made great decisions by analysing the needs of Acuity to help ensure the best outcome for all. What impresses me most about Diego is his eagerness and aptitude for learning. Diego’s drive to succeed coupled with his kind and compassionate nature will see him go far."

Acuity Senior Client Services Manager, Arik Benichou:

“It's been a great pleasure working with Diego. I was truly delighted to see the amount of passion, energy and enthusiasm he had for the role whilst covering Michael. He demonstrated great decision-making skills and communicated effectively with both the Select Team and the site teams regarding sickness, training and cover.

Diego also took the time to assist me personally with ad-hoc tasks to support the wider business, I was very impressed. No request was ever too much and everything was done with a smile."

Acuity Operations Manager, Marta Bannister:

“It has been an enormous pleasure to watch Diego develop and grow over the past year. Diego has shown a great attitude towards learning and has really dedicated himself to the Select Team. Diego covered the management of absences, rota and the Select Team during Michael’s annual leave and he impressed me immensely with how well he performed this difficult role. He was incredibly efficient, always ready to help and had a great focus on solutions, even during the most challenging situations. He always seemed to be one step ahead and provided the operations team with amazing levels of support.

I am very impressed and incredibly grateful for all of his work over the past month. Thank you, Diego, for your dedication, flexibility, amazing organisation and focus on solutions. You have done everyone, and most importantly yourself, proud”.

Congratulations Diego on this amazing achievement!

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