Acuity Introduces New Learning and Development Initiative

As part of #Mentalhealthawarenessweek, we are delighted to announce that Acuity will be one of the first companies in the corporate front of house industry to introduce the brand new learning and development initiative: Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing (Wraw), to better support its employees.

What is Wraw?

Wraw is a psychometric tool based on the five pillars of resilience (Energy, Strong Relationships, Future Focus, Flexible Thinking, Inner Drive) which provides a holistic view covering thinking style and the emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing.

The benefits

By using this exciting tool, we aim to increase employees’ self-awareness of their current levels of resilience, with data from this tool helping Acuity to direct investment in wellbeing interventions such as training, e-learning and coaching based on individual specific needs.

Chiara Di Rienzo, Acuity Director, comments: “Mental wellbeing is a focus for many companies following the pandemic, with stress, anxiety and other mental health problems being responsible for a staggering 70 million lost working days in the UK. The longer individuals and teams remain in a state of struggling, the larger the impact on the business, and the more difficult it is to recover. Therefore, it makes sense to be proactive and encourage healthy coping mechanisms that allow us to thrive in the face of those challenges.”

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