A Team Effort at Alexander McQueen

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I am delighted to announce that the team at Alexander McQueen has won the employee of the month award for December 2018! Please join me in congratulating Nadia Abida, Eva Pelena and Diamond Ditende for their achievements.

In October 2017, Acuity was awarded a prestigious contract with the iconic fashion house Alexander McQueen. We quickly realised that the tasks required at this demanding contract are very complex. We therefore had to recruit a team of exceptional front of house professionals to meet the demands and expectations of the client. Nadia Abida - who had previously worked for Acuity, re-joined the business to take on one of the positions. Eva Pelena and Diamond Ditende were also successful in their interviews to work at the contract.

The Senior Client Services Manager, Arik Benichou, who is responsible for this contract commented:

“When I started working with the Alexander McQueen team last year, it was apparent that it was not our usual corporate environment and that the team had to be resilient, resourceful, flexible and creative in order to continuously meet client expectations on site.

The team have to handle numerous difficult situations on a daily basis and do so with professionalism and within tight time frames. Examples include: arranging for the release of garments that were being held by customs needed on site for a VIP client; arranging at short notice for the procurement and delivery of a special bouquet of flowers for a VIP arrival the following morning. These challenging tasks are just two examples where the team have gone over and above expectations and where their efforts have been praised by the client.

Many members of the Acuity Select Team that have been trained at this contract have complimented the site team for the quality of the training they receive and also how well the day-to-day operations and challenges on site are met.

In August, the team worked extremely hard to support the facilities management team to prepare for an office move. This involved significant planning, organisation and attending the site over a weekend to assist with the move and ensure business as usual operations the following Monday.

It is a real pleasure to work with such a devoted and talented team.”

Their previous manager, Marta Bannister, commended the team:

“I worked with the reception team at Alexander McQueen for 9 months and during this time I was extremely impressed with the hard work, dedication and teamwork they displayed. The reception services are probably the most complex I have seen in my career due to the nature of the industry which is extremely demanding. The team were under an extreme amount of pressure to perform and to handle numerous last minute requests and stressful situations. They have always been brilliant at keeping calm and giving the best service they can provide. They are all superstars, who magically make things happen, even in situations when things seem impossible.

The team at McQueen have spent a lot of time putting various procedures in place in order to streamline and improve the reception services in both buildings. They have worked additional hours to support the business, always with a positive attitude and have been instrumental in bringing the reception service to a new level. I am immensely grateful for their amazing work, passion and their support for one another. I truly believe that they have had a positive impact on everyone working for Alexander McQueen.”

We would all like to thank Nadia, Eva and Diamond for all the hard work on site and for being great brand ambassadors for Acuity!

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