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All team members embrace our mission statement:


“To enhance the customer experience with every interaction.”


We recognise that maintaining exceptional levels of client satisfaction is dependent upon the commitment, professionalism and passion for service excellence of our site-based team members. Consequently, we place immense importance on their welfare and ensure that through our learning and development strategy, they are equipped with the skills required to excel in their role and to develop their careers if they have the aspiration to do so.

Our team members receive a generous and imaginative remuneration package that reflects the importance of their role within our business. We reward and celebrate their successes, and provide them with levels of management support and guidance that are unrivalled in the corporate front of house services sector.

This commitment to our team members, enables us to recruit and thereafter retain, outstanding hospitality professionals who deliver our service with enthusiasm, attention to detail and pride in their role.

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Remuneration & Recognition

Our employee remuneration and benefits package, is a reflection of the importance we place upon rewarding, recognising and retaining valued members of the Acuity family. This imaginative and comprehensive package is designed to reward performance, commitment and longevity of service. Importantly, it also promotes a healthy lifestyle and supports family living.

We are proud of the fact that all of our team members consistently strive to be the best they can be and provide our clients and their guests with an exceptional front of house service. However, there are frequent occasions when a team member’s performance or commitment goes beyond exceptional. To celebrate the efforts and achievements of these individuals, we hold employee of the month and employee of the year awards.

Twice a year, the entire Acuity team get together for an enjoyable evening’s dining and entertainment. Hosted by Acuity’s directors, the event is an opportunity to show our appreciation and thanks for the hard work that everyone has contributed. These evenings are also a forum for team members to socialise together and cement the relationships that make the Acuity family so special.

Learning & Development

Acuity’s learning and development strategy is to provide each team member with an ongoing and structured training program that is tailored to reflect their individual training needs and career aspirations.

We adopt a blended approach to learning & development, comprising of classroom training, e-learning, webinars, mentoring, job swaps, toolbox modules and masterclasses.

Our employee development programme comprises of three phases, each of which contains a number of training elements and courses.

  • Core training – Year 1 of employment

  • Development training – Subsequent years of employment

  • Leadership training – For those seeking career development

Training is delivered through a combination of the Acuity Training Academy, specialist external training partners and our site-based training champions.

Management Support

The level of management time and support Acuity commits to both our clients and team members is unrivalled in the corporate front of house sector.

This time spent with our employees enables us to consistently focus on welfare matters and also provide ongoing coaching and support, in order that their skills can be continuously enhanced. This regular interaction between our managers and site-based teams also facilitates strong and trusting relationships, resulting in our team members remaining highly motivated and engaged with their role.

This management time spent with our clients, enables us to formulate a close working partnership and also ensure that we have a thorough understanding of not only the operational requirements of the service but also of your company culture and values. This leaves us well placed to propose methods of refining the service to meet your evolving needs and priorities and to drive innovation and continuous improvement into the front of house service.

Chiara Di Rienzo


Chiara Di Rienzo has over 21 years of experience in managing front of house operations in 5-star hotels and corporate environments. Chiara’s primary focus is on operational matters, Acuity’s Learning & Development Strategy and also our consultancy service.

Chiara Di Rienzo, Director

Management Team

 Chiara Di Rienzo co-founded Acuity in 2013. Their different backgrounds and areas of expertise complement each other perfectly and are the foundations upon which the success of Acuity has been built.


What our clients say about Acuity's team of people

"Elena Caviola has been absolutely key in keeping the morale of our front of house FM teams high throughout the pandemic. Elena leads by both example and personality, and we know that visitors returning to the building will be greeted by the best of smiles."

— Client in the property management sector

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