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During the session, you will gain insight and learn:


  • How first impressions are made and what you can do to strengthen how others see you;

  • How to connect quickly and build believability;

  • How aligning your focus, physiology and language helps you build a strong first impression;

  • How wearing a face mask affects first impressions and how can we still connect;

  • To take control of your first impression and create a positive, professional image;

  • To send the right message through your personal presentation, body language, and posture;

  • To manage your state so you present the very best version of yourself;

  • You can choose your attitude so that you strengthen your relationship with colleagues and customers;

  • How to use language to build rapport with others.




Register for Acuity's 2 Hour Online Workshop

We all know that first impressions count whether you are applying for a job, meeting a new client, or want people to see you in a more positive, professional light; Acuity can help. Join us in our two-hour online workshop and learn techniques to help you make a positive first impression.



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